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Unlike OnlyFans, With Fanzter, You Can Monetize Both Your Free and Paid Followers!

Link Site

Fanzter – All Your Links, One Location

Easily organize all your links in one profile. With Fanzter, you’ll never have to scramble directing your followers to your latest content.

Fanzter - Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform
Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform

Fan Club

Fanzter – Your Social Media Profit-ground

Imagine a space where you can freely CREATE LISTS, communicate, share, and monetize your content. We’ve seamlessly integrated all the social features you love with the power to turn your passion into profit.

Live Camming

Live Streaming + 1-on-1 Calling

Go Live! Right from the browser. Live stream to all of the platform users or to your subscribers only or go 1-on-1 with our pay-per-minute voice & video chat and also receive tips during your calls!

Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform

Get Noticed

Model Directory + Discovery Page

We are the first ever adult site focused on bringing you additional traffic by offering a simple solution for fans to find YOU!

Increase Fanbase

Grow More With Customizable FOLLOW Button!

Gain both free followers and paid subscribers with our first ever social media platform that is integreated into our fan club solution.

Fanzter - Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform
Fanzter - Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform

World Wide Payouts!

We Payout to Most Countries!

Our revolutionary payout solution allows us to send money in a wide array of methods based on your country. From same day bank transfers, Zelle, Bitcoin and more.

Maximize Profits

We Offer Multiple Tools For Monetization

Our website has been carefully planned with years of experience to offer you boatloads of ways to MAKE MORE MONEY!

Fanzter - Fan Club Site & Link In Bio Platform

Lifetime Referral Program

Earn 5% for Lifetime

Spread the word about Fanzter and earn lifetime 5% every time someone joins through your recommendation.

Features O’Plenty

Fanzter’s suite of cutting-edge tools are designed not just to engage but to transform your online presence. It’s where innovation meets monetization, all under one roof.

Pay-Per-Minute Calling & Video Chats

Engage in intimate conversations while ensuring every minute is monetized.

Subscription Tiers – More Ways to Earn!

Offer varied subscription levels, allowing you to cater to a broader audience and maximize earnings.

Showcase Your Most Popular Link

Highlight and promote what’s trending, directing your audience to your hottest content.

Mass Messaging

Reach out to your entire audience in one go, or segment your followers into different lists for different monetization strategies. 

Get Tips

Receive tips easily directly on your profile, inside live streaming, messages and live 1-on-1 calling to maximize profits.

Video & Image Teasers

Spark curiosity and drive engagement with tantalizing teaser videos & images.

Timer Countdown

The timer countdown feature allows creators to set a specific time period for an event, creating a sense of urgency and focus.

Price Your Incoming Messages

Maintain control and monetize even your inbox, setting your own pricing for incoming messages.

Built-in Social Media Tools

Streamline your social interactions and promotions with integrated tools, all in one place.

Eye-catching Video Headers

Capture attention instantly with dynamic video headers that set the tone for your content.

Watermark Your Content

Protect and brand your content, ensuring it remains uniquely yours wherever it’s shared.

Analytics - Track Your Success!

Stay informed and strategize effectively with deep insights into your site’s performance.

Welcome Messages

Greet your fans with a custom message and include payment options effortlessly.

Spin The Wheel

Earn more money while livestreaming with our exciting spin the wheel tip game.

Simple To Use Interface

It’s never ben so easy to navigate online with our mobile friendly, snappy UI.

Purchase Gallery

Your customers will love our simple to find ‘purchased’ gallery section. They will always have everything they purchased at their fingertips.

Voice Notes

Now you can send sexy voice notes in messages and you can even set a price to listen.


Our simple to view statements section will show you exactly what you earned in full detail.

Secure Billing

Our partners at Ccbill are always keeping things safe and soound with 25 years of first class high risk processing.

Customer Balance

You can now view the customers balance in messages to help you earn even more.

Delete Messages

Did you send the wrong message? No problem. We added the delete message feature for creators only.

Video Teaser

Load a video to your profile that showcases what your fans can expect when they join your page. You can set the teaser image or autoplay.

Adult Popular Links

Unlike the stinktrees of the world, we are adult friendly and have already added most of the popular adult links to make your link adding simple and fast.

We are an APP!

We have the latest technology that allows to save our site to your homescreen thus making it an app for easy access and allows priceless push notifications

Push Notifications

Stay in your customers face at all times with our revolutionary push notifications. they will get alerts for messages, posts, live shows and more.

Button Stats

Stay informed on the progress of your buttons with our button statistics.

Partner Solution

Allow your co-partners to signup for easy verification and they’ll be listed in your partner section.

Load Banners

You can load banners, ads or even create custom buttoms with your very own artwork for maximum customization.

Page Design

Customize your page with background images, animation, colors and more to stand out from the rest and match your brand identity.

Referred partner Dashboard

Check out the top performers on your referred creators’ dashboard, where the highest earners are listed at the top

Made in USA

We are accessible right here in America. You can even get us on the phone! Imagine that.

Unlock Instant Engagement.

Harness the Power of
Push Notifications and Mass Messaging!

Dive into real-time connectivity, ensuring your message reaches your audience the moment it matters most. Elevate user experience and drive action seamlessly.

Why Choose Fanzter?

Content Management
on Steroids!

Looking to amplify your fan site game? Join Fanzter – the only platform that truly understands your needs!

Instant Communication:

Mass message for immediate gatherings and promotions. And even unsend messages when needed.

Monetize Interaction:

Set prices on calls, texts, and media messages to filter out the noise.

Lifetime Earnings:

Pocket 5% with every model referral, forever.

See How Fanzter Compares to The Other Sites.

Fanzter OnlyFans Fansly Linktree
Paid subscriptions
Mass Messaging
Message Statistics
Paid attachments
Tipping opportunity (livestream)
Paid private calls
Video & Image Teasers
Pay-Per-Minute Calling & Video Chats
Timer Countdown
Price Your Incoming Messages
Video Headers
Built-in Social Media Tools
Welcome Messages
Spin The Wheel
Secure Billing
Operator Management Section
Customer Balance
Delete Messages
Adult Popular Links
Tier Subscriptions
Catalog Content Shopping
Built-In Social Media
Popular Link Buttons
Load Banners
Partner Solution
Button Stats
Referred partner Dashboard
Custom Profiles
Take Control Now!

Increase Earnings By 30%

With the power of Fanzter behind you, the sky is the limit!

The Future of Fan Club Content Management!

Are you ready to elevate your digital presence in the fan club industry? Here's the only platform you'll ever need. Discover the ins and outs of Fanzter below.

The Fanzter Advantage

Your Questions Answered...

What type of content is restricted from Fanzter?

The posting or display of any image or wording depicting or related to extreme violence, incest, snuff, scat or the elimination of any bodily waste on another person, mutilation, or rape anywhere on the site in a sexual or erotic manner, including the URL and meta tags.

What is the payout?


Do you offer free traffic?

Yes! Our site is a social media platform and we offer a discover page. The more you post the more visibility. We also have a very elaborate and easy to use directory where you can be found through categories. We also offer paid advertisement opportunities. Just ask.

Do you offer management, sexting, etc.?

YES. We offer content management, uploading, message operator, sexting and consultation. Instead of receiving 70% , you will receive 50%. We currently are accepting models. We also have a multiple login solution for easy to model management.

How do you guys handle chargebacks?

Currently we are absorbing the chargebacks. This is subject to change.

How do you handle Co-Creators?

We have a full co-creator section. When you load content, you will be able to choose your approved co-creator from the list. Your co-creator will simply apply as a creator on our site and once approved they will be shown on under your co-creator list.

Can I send mass messages?

Yes! We have a very seamless mass messaging tool. You can also create lists and send mass messages to specific lists. You can unsend mass messages as well. You can view stats on viewed and paid mass messages. Our lists solution allows to send instant mass messages with no lag unlike other platforms like onlyfans.

Can I go live?

Yes! We have two live cam solutions. The first one is the ability to go live 1-on-1 with your customer. You can choose to either allow a phone call or to go live video chat. They can also send you tips inside the messages. The second way is you can go live to all of your fans at once and accept tips during the live show.

Do you allow loveense toys for live cam?

NO. We currently do not have the loveense or any other toy control during live video chat.

How many followers can I look forward to getting?

We have discovered that you will gain 15-25% of your profile visits to become free followers.

Do you offer folders in the vault?

Yes! We have the ability for you to create folders and manage content from folder to folder. This helps speed up the process of sending content and organization.

Do you guys offer a creator referral program?

Yes! We offer a 5% lifetime referral program. You can post a link to your profile with the code for easy signups. We are also available to accept direct communication for manual adding. For example, if you got a creator to join but they didn’t click your referral code, you can contact us about your referral and we will add as long as the creator agrees of course.

Do you allow tiers?

Yes! You can setup different subscription tiers. When loading content you will be able to choose the tier for the content to reside under.

Who do you use for your billing company?

We use exclusively for all of our billing. They help with blocking users that do chargebacks. If a customer does a chargeback on their platform, they will ban that user for life. This helps with fraud.

Does Fanzter have a screen capture block?

We do not have a screenshot blocker yet but eventually be adding in the future. We do however offer a service to remove content. Our service is located at

Do you need blazing internet speeds?

The Need for Speed

Absolutely! Especially when harnessing power-packed features, high-speed internet is your best ally.

How does the calling feature pan out?

Global Connectivity

Thanks to browser-based calling, the world is your oyster. And with our pay-per-minute system, every second counts.

Why is Fanzter a class apart?

Unparalleled Mastery

We're not just another platform. We're mobile-focused, robust, and hack-resistant Fan Club Site infused with a 'Link in Bio' Site powered by Social Media Features. In 20 years, nothing compares to Fanzter.

Who manages the credit card processing?

Credit Card Management

We're in partnership with With them, you're ensured of a swift and seamless setup.

Curious about our experience?

Our Industry Legacy

We've been at the forefront of the adult industry for over 20 groundbreaking years.

Can you expect updates?

The Future Beckons

Always! We're in constant evolution, ushering in innovative features for your benefit.