The Art of Subtle Selling in DMs: Engaging Fans with Authentic Conversations

Dec 14, 2023

Written by Nerdzter

Enhancing your approach to subtly encourage fans to buy your videos via DMs can be a game-changer in your content creation journey. Here’s a more detailed, engaging strategy:

  1. Build Genuine Relationships: Initiate conversations that go beyond your content. Discuss common interests, current events, or shared experiences. This rapport creates a comfortable space for your fans, making them more receptive to your suggestions.
  2. Seamlessly Introduce Your Content: When your fan mentions a hobby or interest, link it naturally to your content. For example, if they love travel, mention a travel-themed video you’ve created. It feels less like a sales pitch and more like a friendly recommendation.
  3. Personal Touch in Follow-Ups: After a purchase, reach out with a thank-you message and suggest another video based on their previous choice. This personalized approach shows you’re paying attention to their likes and dislikes.
  4. Custom Content Offers: Announce that you’re open to creating videos tailored to their preferences. This not only makes fans feel special but also increases the likelihood of them buying something uniquely crafted for them.
  5. Teasers and Free Samples: Share a snippet of your content as a teaser. This sneak peek can ignite curiosity and lead to a purchase.
  6. Regular Updates on Offers: Keep your fans in the loop about any new content, discounts, or special offers. Regular, non-intrusive updates can prompt them to check out what’s new.
  7. Encourage Feedback: After they view your content, ask for their thoughts. This interaction shows you value their opinion, and it can provide you with insights to improve and tailor your content.

Each interaction should feel like a natural extension of a conversation, not a sales pitch. The goal is to make your fans feel valued and understood, creating a loyal customer base that’s excited about your content.


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