Twitch Revamps Sexual Content Guidelines in Wake of Morgpie Incident

Dec 14, 2023

Written by Nerdzter

Twitch recently revised its sexual content policies following backlash triggered by an incident involving the streamer Morgpie. Morgpie’s suspension sparked significant discussion about Twitch’s approach to moderating sexual content, leading to these substantial updates. The changes are aimed at bringing clarity to the platform’s stance on sexual content and ensuring equitable enforcement across streamers.

Key Changes in Policy

  • Inclusion of Certain Content: Twitch’s new guidelines now permit content that intentionally highlights breasts, buttocks, or the pelvic region, even when fully clothed. This is contingent on such content being properly labeled.
  • Fictionalized Depictions: The updated policy allows fictionalized depictions of fully exposed female-presenting body parts, body writing on breasts and buttocks, and erotic dances involving disrobing or disrobing gestures, provided the appropriate labels are applied.
  • Specific Dances Allowed: Twerking, grinding, and pole dancing are now permissible without additional labels, considering the context of these dances.
  • Consolidation of Policies: Twitch has consolidated its ‘Sexually Suggestive’ and ‘Sexually Explicit’ content policies into a single ‘Sexual Content Policy’ for clarity and consistency.

Impact on Homepage Recommendations

Twitch will no longer feature streams tagged with content involving drugs, intoxication, excessive tobacco use, violent and graphic depictions, gambling, or sexual themes on its homepage.

The platform aims to align more closely with viewer expectations and ensure that sensitive content isn’t displayed without explicit consent.

Streamer and Community Reaction

The reaction to Twitch’s policy update has been mixed. While many appreciate the clarity and attempt at fair enforcement, others are concerned about how these changes will impact the visibility and monetization of streams that include the newly allowed content. There is an ongoing conversation within the Twitch community about how these changes will play out in practice.


Twitch’s update to its sexual content policy represents a response to ongoing challenges within the streaming community, particularly in light of the Morgpie controversy. The platform is attempting to find a balance between allowing creative expression and maintaining a comfortable viewing experience for all users. As the community adapts to these changes, Twitch continues to seek feedback to shape its evolving content policies.


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